Welcome to Renaissance Politics

Renaissance Politics is a political blog dedicated to the thoughtful and creative review of the political issues of the day. The phrase Renaissance Politics reflects the blogger’s (Jeff First) belief that the United States is in need of a “rebirth,” hence, a renaissance, in order to solve the significant problems facing the country and its citizens.

With his individual blog posts, the blogger offers his assessment of the state of government and politics in the United States, reviewing current events, one by one. The goal of the blog is to stimulate a healthy discussion of the issues facing all of us who love the United States. A healthy discussion is what is needed for the success of any democracy. Debate and dissent from the blogger’s posts is encouraged.

The blogger, Jeff First, is an attorney, with legal experience in both the public and private sectors.  He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School, where he obtained his Juris Doctorate in 1988 and the University of Delaware in 1985, where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

The blogger also has political and government administration experience, having served as an Assistant Deputy Mayor for Mayor Edward G. Rendell in the Mayor’s Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Mr. First also worked on the political campaign of Mayor Rendell in 1991.

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